In the Spotlight: John Gibson

Morgante Wilson Architects

Aug 23, 2021 - 5 min read

In the Spotlight: John Gibson

Allow us to introduce John Gibson, a project manager at MWA known for being jovial and sincere – qualities that came through loud and clear during our recent chat about his work, his passions, and his take on family photos.

Let’s start with your history.

I’ve been with Morgante Wilson since 2011. If you want to go back farther than that, I received my master’s degree in architecture from UIC, and before that, my bachelor’s degree in architecture from the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee.

You’ve been with the firm a long time. What do you love about it?

The culture, and the fact that it’s very collegial. The office is filled with exceptionally talented and dedicated people who go about their work with commitment, patience, and humor. They are all generous with their time and want to share their knowledge and past experiences.

We hear that a lot. What are some things you’ve learned from your colleagues?

That proportion and balance is everything. And that you cannot do it all yourself.

If you had to pick two primary inspirations for your work, what would they be?

Again, proportion would be one. Natural materials would be another.

Tell us about your own house: What’s the most meaningful thing in it?

A wall of photos – all the versions of the smiles (and the haircuts!) of my wife, our kids, my siblings, our friends – hiking and camping through a couple dozen of the national parks, meeting up in Thailand, Ireland, Costa Rica, Barcelona, Italy, the American Rockies, the Canadian Rockies, the Pacific Coast Highway, New England, North Carolina, Florida (40+ states, actually), and so on.

Also, my parents’ wedding album. They were rock solid, loving, caring people – opposites who were absolutely made for each other.

You sound like a pretty sentimental guy.

Well, let’s just say every house needs happy inhabitants – otherwise it’s just sticks and bricks.

What’s on your coffee table right now?

Besides my feet? Cookbooks, because I’m learning to cook instead of just burning stuff on a grill. Also, murder mysteries and A Dynamic Serenity by Steven Ehrlich.

Can you share some of your passions outside the office?

Travel, reading, gardening, music – listening to it, since I’m unable to make it – and old movies with intelligent plot twists, suspense, and humor.

Last question: if you weren’t in the architecture field, what might you be doing instead?

I’m pretty sure I’d be a starving writer.