Our Recent Clients - In The Spotlight

Morgante Wilson Architects

Mar 22, 2021 - 5 min read

Our Recent Clients - In The Spotlight

What is your favorite part of the process so far?

Our favorite part of the process has been envisioning how we want to live in the next phase of our life. With hectic careers and about a decade to go before we really slow down, we had begun to think about where we wanted to retire. Drawn to water, we assumed we were headed to warmer climates. Then, on a local walk we passed a vacant lakefront lot that we’d wondered about before, and, on a whim, we investigated whether the owners might sell it. The rest, as they say, is history...and we began to embark on our dream “forever home.”

What is your favorite part of the design process?

Finding the MWA team through this process was a gift. They understood the complexity of our lot, really listened to us, and helped us turn our ideas into reality. They heard what we envisioned for the home and also gave us so many creative options to consider. We appreciate that the design process continues to evolve, and even though we broke ground on the build, they are still willing to offer inspiration and make adjustments.

We also love that MWA has integrated architectural and interior design services, while also working closely with the general contractor and landscape designer, so we can really realize the entire vision. We’ve dubbed the entire integrated team our dream team.

What is your favorite space/design detail of the house?

We’re early in the construction phase, so our favorite spaces are still in the architectural plans and our imaginations, but we’re both looking forward to how the whole house honors the lake with massive lakefront windows, nanowalls that open to the water on warmer days, and plenty of outdoor deck space. Eric has honed his cooking skills during the pandemic and looks forward to the open floor plan kitchen, wet bar and family room. Stacey loves refining a lower level spa area, which she may never leave.

What did you enjoy selecting/designing the most?

We each gravitate to different parts of the process. Stacey can’t wait for meetings with the architectural interiors and interior design teams, and she has enjoyed every detail of tile, plumbing, lighting, cabinetry and furniture selection. Eric loves the engineering aspects of the project, like shoring and lake wall revetment, and he appreciates that our GC lets him hang out at the lot while they drill helical piles. We can’t wait to watch our home come together!