Our Recent Clients in the Spotlight

Morgante Wilson Architects

Aug 18, 2021 - 5 min read

Our Recent Clients in the Spotlight

What is your favorite space?

It’s hard to pick a favorite space…especially as we’ve done two houses with you! I really love the kitchen/eating area/family room and screened porch at the Winnetka house. They all flow together and are so bright and inviting. They have a ton of space but feel comfortable and homey. They’re also great for entertaining. The family room in Colorado is another favorite with the fabulous light fixture and every comfy piece of furniture with beautiful views and cozy fireplace.

What was your favorite part of the construction?

Definitely meeting you guys at the house every week and going through things with the contractor. So many decisions were made on the spot and so many things were tweaked. It would have been incredibly overwhelming without you there. Scott’s favorite part was certainly heading into the basement EVERY WEEK with Fred to discuss his music room. 😂

What is your favorite design detail?

I love our windows and how the shape matches the house so well. We lost the original windows during the fire and they were fabulous. You took that design and made them even better…the amount of light inside our house is fantastic. I also love how the family room was opened up but is still a separate room from the kitchen. You made one room flow to the next just effortlessly.

What material/item did you enjoy selection the best?

I fell in love with a specific Gracie wallpaper that was definitely not in the budget. You all came up with a way to make panels of it in the dining room which look like artwork. The color changes as the light changes throughout the day. Walking through there and seeing it makes my heart happy. It is absolutely stunning and such a treat for me every day.