6 Residential Kitchen and Bath Design Trends for 2024

Morgante Wilson Architects

Feb 26, 2024 - 5 min read

6 Residential Kitchen and Bath Design Trends for 2024

What’s new in residential kitchen and bath design? Judging by the things our clients seem to be asking for more often than ever before, we predict these 6 kitchen and bath ideas will be taking over your Instagram feeds, showing up on the pages of your favorite magazine, and perhaps even inspiring you to take a fresh look at your own kitchen and bathrooms. Here are the top trends in residential kitchen and bath design the Morgante Wilson partner team sees gaining prominence in 2024

1. Not-Just-White Kitchens - “While white kitchens of all styles – from ultra-modern to very traditional – will never go out of style, I see continued interest in mediating all-white designs with a bold accent color or some natural wood,” says founding partner Elissa Morgante. Whether to warm a white kitchen, make it feel personal, or tie it to the décor of the rest of your house, adding a splash of color or a touch of wood is a great way to make an all-white kitchen feel unique.

2. Spa-like Bathrooms - “Our clients are increasingly looking for a spa-type experience in their bathrooms,” says partner Bob Zuber. “That means creating an overall Zen vibe that might include relaxing colors; soothing textures; great views; deep, Japanese soaking tubs; and large showers with a variety of shower head options and steam.”

3. Contemporary Bathrooms - “I’m also finding that bathrooms are leaning more toward the contemporary,” continues Bob. “We’re doing a lot of clean lines, simple tiles and cabinetry profiles, and lots of light. There’s not much fussiness lately, which probably goes hand-in-hand with the trend toward spa-like baths.”

4. Wet Rooms - Partner John Potter offers another surging bathroom idea: wet rooms. Bathrooms designed so the shower floor is at the same level as the rest of the room have long been popular in Europe, and are gaining traction here. “They’re great for a number of reasons,” John says. “They’re more accessible – and safe - since there’s nothing to step up into. They’re easy to clean. They maximize space. And they’re aesthetically pleasing, in that clean-lined way Bob just mentioned.”

5. Conversation-enhancing Kitchen Island Seating - We do it all the time: sit at an island counter side by side, everyone lined up in a row, while we look at the wall opposite and not the people we’re sitting next to. But that’s changing, says founding partner Fred Wilson. “I’m increasingly suggesting comfortable island seating that allows people to face one another. Alternatives to having everyone lined up are more conducive to conversation.”

6. Exciting Cabinetry Finishes - Partner K Tyler is especially excited about innovations in cabinetry finishes. “Our clients are really receptive to thinking outside the box when it comes to their cabinetry finishes,” she says. “Using a finish that goes off script from the typical wood stain or paint makes a huge impact. It elevates the room while adding drama and dimension.” K suggests blackened copper texture, linen, leather, steel, reeded glass, laser cut wood, antiqued mirror, or even wallpaper as alternatives to standard cabinet finishes.

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